BLS & ACLS Certification Online

BLS & ACLS Certification Online

Why Become BLS or ACLS Certified?

The first and most important reason for you to become certified in either Basic Life Support or Advanced Cardiac Life Support is that they're invaluable, and often mandatory, skills to have for you to work in any area of healthcare. In addition to being prerequisites for working as a healthcare professional these same skills are essential in many other areas of life including working with the elderly, children or as a person caring for an aging parent or critically ill family member.Man In Trouble

If you're working in any position where people might rely on you to provide emergency medical care then being BLS or ACLS certified isn't something you can live without, because the lives of others might depend on your life support skills.

These certifications can and will unlock an entirely new world of employment opportunities, and career advancement, for you in the fields of medicine and healthcare.

What Is BLS (Basic Life Support)?
This healthcare certification, also frequently called BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support), allows you to provide immediate and critical medical intervention when a patient or victim has stopped breathing, or there's no discernible heartbeat. The most common use of BLS Algorithms is when a patient has suffered either a stroke or heart attack, but it's also incredibly valuable in a situation where a person's airway has become obstructed, where they're suffering from hypothermia and, of course, if a person has recently drowned.

The basis of all BLS training resolves around the principles of CAB: Circulation, Airway and Breathing, which must be checked and established for any injured person to be resuscitated:

Circulation - ensuring that the patient has an adequate supply of blood to vital organs

Airway - ensuring that the patient has a clear passageway for their lungs to function properly

Breathing - that the lungs are able to inflate and deflate via the clear airway above
BLS certification can help you save lives, and you'll find it's not only required in the healthcare field but also in many industrial and business roles too. In fact for most companies to get insurance cover they will need at least one member of staff to be trained in BLS/CPR. So if you work in an office, with the elderly, or especially with children, then you have every reason to take basic life support training as soon as possible.

Because BLS is a completely non-invasive form of medical intervention there are no surgical tools required, meaning that it can be administered by a BLS certified person with no "tools" required. The real purpose of Basic Life Support is to provide more time for trained medical personnel to arrive and provide advanced care for a patient or victim. Obviously CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), using an adult bag-mask and the proper use of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) are key components of our Basic Life Support training program.

What is ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support)?
As the name suggests this certification, also referred to as Advanced Cardiac Life Support, is the more advanced version of BLS. When you take an ACLS certification it involves you having to make far more complex decisions in terms of patient or victim care.

Training in Basic Life Support can help you resuscitate a patient or victim, but ACLS Algorithms take your life support and extension skills to the next level by covering topics such as:

Recognizing the early signs of cardiac arrest
Preventing cardiac arrest from occurring
Working with chronic coronary issues such as CHF (Congestive Heart Failure)
Using chest compressions and patient ventilation via BVM (Bag-Valve Mask)
Understanding the 22 different types of arrhythmia
ACLS-related pharmacology - knowing the right drugs to use and when
How and when pacemakers should be used
Correct use of defibrillators, including the AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)
Effective communication and team dynamics in coronary care

ACLS providers are also trained to provide intubation, electrocardiograms and even some types of intravenous or other medications, something which a BLS provider is simply not permitted to do.

The ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) certification is becoming mandatory for many healthcare professionals simply because it goes beyond the basic concept of resuscitating a patient (BLS), and focuses on caring for individuals who have already suffered from a cardiac arrest, or other serious health issues. The ACLS certification provides you with the type of advanced life support (ALS) skills which are so important in all areas of healthcare.

Who Can Benefit From BLS or ACLS Certification?
If you intend to work in any area of the healthcare profession then the BLS and ACLS certifications are some of the most important forms of medical training available.

Which Course Should I Take?
We find that most healthcare professionals actually wind up taking both the BLS and ACLS certification courses we offer. BLS is a worthwhile qualification for anyone to study, while ACLS is a critical certification for any healthcare professional to have.

ACLS certification is suitable for anyone who is currently, or intends to be, working as a paramedic, nurse, physician, respiratory therapist or clinical pharmacist - it's a professional certification for healthcare professionals.

Your BLS and ACLS Study Options
You can become certified by completing an online or offline course. Obviously the online course is going to be a far more flexible option for you because you can take the course in your own time, without having to interfere with your current job. Being able to study at your own pace, and from the comfort of your own home, removes a lot of the pressure that many people experience during formal classroom training - especially if you're one of the millions of people who hated being in high school.

The only tools you need for pursuing either of our online certification programs is a computer with Internet access, and any course materials provided by as part of the certification itself.

Online BLS and ACLS Certification Course Details
When you order the online BLS or ACLS online study course from you get everything you need to study for and take the BLS or ACLS exam. Each exam usually takes between 50 and 80-minutes to complete. In our American Heart Association compliant training course you'll receive the following:

BLS/ACLS Online study and pre-test materials
Detailed explanation of all BLS/ACLS algorithms
ACLS Provider card shipped to you free of charge
Instant Printable certification card upon exam completion
Access to the BLS/ACLS online exam
Unlimited retakes of the BLS/ACLS exam itself


Do You Also Offer BLS/ACLS Recertification Courses?
Yes. If you've previously been BLS or ACLS certified but your certification has expired, or you simply want to refresh your skills and knowledge then you can take the BLS or ACLS Recertification exam path instead. The recertification online courses are also compliant with standards set out by the American Heart Association, and includes everything you need to become BLS or ACLS certified. The only difference between the Certification and Recertifiation exams is that the recertification exams do not include study materials.

So why not take the next step to enhancing your career as a healthcare professional and order from today?

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